Edmonton Garden Photos and Gardening Tips
All high resolution garden photos on this site are from the garden my wife Patricia started in 1995 in Edmonton Alberta. This garden and the flower pictures on this website are my memorial to her.

When Patricia passed away in 2000, I was left with a choice of learning how to garden or stopping. I made the commitment and built a small greenhouse that fall. This garden was her passion and I promised to take care of it for her.

I am hopeful that visitors to this website will try some of the tips. They work well. I know she is watching and helping it grow.

Gardening Advice
Gardening advice is based on maintaining several varieties of plants over the past 9 years. Experience and research provides knowledge.

I collect my own seeds. I do not use herbicides or pesticides and have learned over the years that they are actually not needed. Flower beds are now completely free of chickweed and other unwanted invaders. Healthy plants resist insects naturally.

Harry's Garden Edmonton Alberta
All bedding plants are started from cuttings and seeds picked throughout the year. Some of the tropical plants, perennials and bulbs were started by Patricia almost 15 years ago. The secret to gardening is location, timing and TLC.

The Green Garden
I am a firm believer in green gardening. There are many biological cures on the internet. It is only through experimenting that the best green gardening methods come to light. Herbicides and pesticides harm our health and environment for decades. Avoid using them.