Adults rest under leaves making them difficult to spray. Eggs and young are not affected.

Adults lays hundreds upon thousands of eggs. There are males and females but mating is not necessary for reproduction.

Removal is a good control. The normal cycle from egg to adult is 30 days in a warm environment.

Maintaining a temperature below 62°F will slow hatching. White flies hatch from eggs that look like white dust on the underside of leaves. Whiteflies die if frozen.

Biological control is obtained with a species of mite.
Aphids do not lay eggs. They lay living miniature versions of themselves. Some aphids are born pregnant. They grow wings to create new colonies on other plants.

The key to controlling aphids is eliminating adults. Obvious infestations should be plucked from plants.

Feeding plants with 20-20-20 reduces the aphid population.

Biological control is obtained with tiny parasitic wasps. They lay their eggs in the aphid and multiply.
Black Vine Weevils
weevil larva
Feeding marks are narrow irregular rectangles extending from the edge of a leaf inwards. Adults only feed at night.

All weevils are female and lay 5 to 6 eggs per day for several months 60 days after emergence. Eggs are perfectly round and cream coloured and laid on top of the soil. The grubs burrow and feed off roots. The best control is nematodes that eat the larva. They are not native to Alberta.
The Green Garden
I am a firm believer in avoiding pesticides. There are many biological controls on the internet. Chemicals harm our environment for decades and have been linked to cancers and other disorders.